These Kids This City

IF/Then Short Documentary Program | 2019 (New Orleans Film Festival)

THESE KIDS THIS CITY is a film about the young people of Liberty City Miami and its infamous bike culture, which reaches it's peak each Martin Luther King Day holiday, when thousands flood the streets on dirt bikes and four wheelers riding in a form of rebellion and community. In light of a hate crime that occurred during last year’s gathering, and the viral cellphone video that followed, a handful of youth at the center of the movement are forced to defend the validity of their methods under the pressure of the justice system and the national media spotlight.

Dorian Emerson Munroe Dorian Emerson Munroe

Dorian Emerson Munroe is a first generation Miami creative, born to Caribbean parents who migrated from Guyana, South America. Out of high school, Dorian accepted a full athletic scholarship to play... more»