To Be Reconciled

Facing a zero-tolerance immigration system and the relentless threat of deportation, an undocumented immigrant in Minnesota reflects upon faith, recovery, redemption, and the likelihood of being separated from his family.

James Christenson James Christenson
Director, Director of Photography

James Christenson is a Mestizo-Minnesotan documenting the impact of migration, policy, and technology on Midwest families and communities. In 2013, the New York Times commissioned his headline short... more»

Brennan Vance Brennan Vance
Producer, Editor

Brennan Vance is a Minneapolis-based filmmaker and 2017 McKnight Media Arts Fellow. Vance’s feature directorial debut THE MISSING SUN was selected as part of the 2016 IFP Filmmaker Narrative... more»

Additional Credits

Original Music by All Eyes

All Eyes is wife and husband duo, Alicia and Joe Christenson. Hailing from Minneapolis, the couple's sound moves deftly from dreamy and upbeat to bleak and brooding. They released their latest album, "Change," on February 11, 2020.