In a near future Vietnam where rising seawater level has forced cultivation to be done on floating farms, a strong-willed woman has to make a critical decision about her ex-lover, a suspect of her husband’s murder.

Nghiem-Minh Nguyen-Vo Nghiem-Minh Nguyen-Vo

His directorial debut, Buffalo Boy, was Vietnam’s entry to the 2006 Academy Awards and was an official selection in over 50 festivals, including Toronto, Rotterdam, Palm Springs, Locarno,... more»

Bao Nguyen Bao Nguyen

Bao Nguyen is a Vietnamese American filmmaker whose past work has been seen in the New York Times, HBO, NBC, Vice, ARTE, PBS, among many others. He was the producer and cinematographer of... more»

"I manipulate the horizon line that normally comforts and orients us to create a visual style for a film about the absence of certainty in a strange new world."

Genre: Scripted