TFI Network | 2018

In the shadows of Singapore's world-renowned education system are teenagers who've fallen through the cracks. UNTEACHABLE follows a young woman's mission to transform learning in classrooms. Having grown up in Singapore where grades often define one’s self-worth, she challenges teenagers deemed “unteachable” by society to rediscover their joy of learning.

Shuling Yong Shuling Yong

Shuling Yong is a Singapore-born, Chicago-based documentary filmmaker. She has worked on films like THE FEELING OF BEING WATCHED (Tribeca, 2018, dir. Assia Boundaoui) and AMERICA TO ME (Sundance,... more»

Lisa Teh Lisa Teh

Lisa produced her first television documentary, GROWING ROOTS, for Discovery Channel in 2015 and has directed corporate videos for non-profit organizations. Lisa is a Creative Producing graduate... more»

Violet Feng Violet Feng
Executive Producer

Violet Du Feng is an Emmy Award winning producer. She co-produced NANKING (2007), which received a Peabody Award and Sundance Grand Jury Award. Violet produced MAINE-LAND, which received... more»

Additional Credits

Tan Pin Pin (Executive Producer)
Mirabelle Ang (Editor)
Daniel Moretti (Impact and Outreach Advisor)

Photo Credit: Shuling Yong

Genre: Documentary