Shadi has returned to his hometown of Nazareth after years abroad to help his father hand-deliver his sister’s wedding invitations, as per local Palestinian custom. As the estranged pair spend the day together going house-to-house to deliver the invitations, the tense details of their relationship come to a head challenging their fragile and very different lives. 

Annemarie Jacir Annemarie Jacir
Writer & Director

Palestinian filmmaker Annemarie Jacir has written, directed and produced over sixteen films. One of Filmmaker's 25 New Faces of Independent Cinema and Variety's "Arab New Wave", two... more»

Ossama Bawardi Ossama Bawardi

Ossama Bawardi is an independent producer working in Palestine and Jordan. He has been involved in various productions including Salt of this Sea, When I Saw You, The Rendezvous, and Thank you for... more»

Saleh Bakri Saleh Bakri

Best known for his roles in Salt of this Sea, The Time that Remains, Salvo, and The Band's Visit, Saleh Bakri is a Palestinian theater and film actor.