We Became Fragments

IF/Then Short Documentary Program | 2017 (The New York Times Op-Docs/Pulitzer Pitch)

A Syrian teenager and his father make a new life for themselves in Winnipeg, Canada despite the heartbreak of leaving their home behind.

Winner of Best Short Documentary at LA Shorts Film Festival (2018)

Nominated for IDA Awards- Best Short Documentary (2018)

Luisa Conlon Luisa Conlon
Director/ Producer

Luisa Conlon (Director/Producer) is a documentary director and cinematographer based in New York and Los Angeles. She’s been working on fiction and non-fiction film projects since graduating... more»

Hanna Miller Hanna Miller

Hanna Miller (Director) is a documentary film director and director of photography based between her home state Mississippi and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her topics of interest are rural America,... more»

Lacy Jane Roberts Lacy Jane Roberts

Lacy Jane Roberts (Director) spends most of her time as an audio producer, and she's currently developing new podcasts for Al Jazeera’s new audio network, @jettystudios. You can also catch... more»