We Strangers

WE STRANGERS follows Rayelle "Ray" Martin, who is a commercial cleaner for a company that sends her to clean foreclosed homes and commercial spaces. While on the job, she meets a dentist who invites her to become his personal housekeeper for a substantial amount of money. Ray accepts the job, and she unwittingly enters a whole new world of the rich Northwest Indiana elite.

Anu Valia Anu Valia
Director, Screenwriter

Anu Valia is an Indiana-born, New York-schooled filmmaker whose award-winning short films have screened across the country and abroad. Her most recent short film, LUCIA, BEFORE AND AFTER, won the Jury... more»

Additional Credits

Sarah Goldberg (Cast - MARI)
James Codoyannis (Editor)

Photo credit: Anu Valia

Genre: Scripted