Weight Throwers

TFI Network | 2016

Weight Throwers follows the struggle of a young, jobless and disabled generation who strive to conquer the Rio Paralympic Games in order to have a shot at ordinary life at home in Morocco. Becoming a star athlete is their pursuit of love and acceptance in a country uninterested in the fate of those who are different.

Hind Bensari Hind Bensari

Born in Morocco, raised in the UK, Hind was working for an investment fund when she began filmmaking in 2013. Her first documentary 475: Break the Silence became a blockbuster on Moroccan television... more»

Vibeke Vogel Vibeke Vogel

With more than 20 years of experience, Vibeke Vogel is a trusted producer with roles such as chairman of the council for Documentary film under the Danish Film Institute and Nordisk Panorama. Vibeke... more»

Habib Attia Habib Attia

Habib is one of the most profiled and ambitious producers from the MENA region. He produced award-winning fiction and documentary films like Challat of Tunis, opening film at the ACID Cannes Film... more»

Additional Credits

Lilia Sellami (Cinematographer)

Ghita Zouiten (Sound Engineer)

Catherine Ambus (Editor)

WEIGHT THROWERS is the scream and tenderness of men seeking dignity and recognition in a society uninterested in elevating the hopes of those who are different. 

Genre: Documentary