The Brittle Bones of the Dead

In the ’80s, more than 50 women committed suicide in a small peasant community. Hermenegildo and Pedro return to their community, attempting to retrace the paths of memory regarding the deaths of their wives.

Claudio Araya Silva Claudio Araya Silva

Claudio Araya Silva studied movie-making in the University of Chile. In 2012 he participated in Guadalajara and Cartagena de Indias Films Festival. He received the Ibermedia scholarship for the... more»

Yara Morales Rivera Yara Morales Rivera
Screenwriter/Executive Producer

Yara Morales Rivera has a Masters in Latin American Studies. Through her work as a researcher for the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO) she has found out her passion for creative... more»

“An observational approach to the intimate space. A shooting spread style road movie; a camera tracking the quiet life of two men and a people. Snapshots of daily life.”

Genre: Documentary