White Arms

In one summer, eleven year old Valeria loses her innocence, her best friend, meets her fist love and witnesses her uncle’s divorce from her favorite Aunt and confidant.  In just a few short months Valeria grows up more than she ever expected.

Mariana Musalem Mariana Musalem
Writer and Director

Bachelor in Linguistics and Spanish Literature. Gratuated from Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica (CCC), major in Direction. Has directed and produced three short films: Partiran las Hermosas... more»

Luna Marán Luna Marán

Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts, University of Guadalajara: photographer, producer, director, and cultural manager. Has developed comprehensive audiovisual projects, including producing, training, and... more»

Carlos Hernández Vázquez Carlos Hernández Vázquez

He has produce three documentaries (Coffee, Anything else than air, Notes to not forget) and three fiction feature films (UIO by Micaela Rueda, Nights of July by Axel Muñoz and Raising Pigs by... more»

Additional Credits

Oswaldo Toledano (Cinematographer)
Gabriela Gavica (Production Manager)
Axel Muñoz Barba (Sound Mixer)

Genre: Scripted, International Drama