Wind & Fright

Every year, a fierce wind arrives in the remote northern region of the Argentinian Puna, and some say it comes loaded with misfortunes. A medicine man, Dionysius, is one of the few people who still knows how to cure these evils – while Carlos, another townsperson, has caught the “fright” – the name of this disease. Carlos thinks that this disease is caused by the imminent closure of a nearby mine where he works. Wind & Fright presents a disquieting and creative portrait of the inhabitants of this region, who wait for the end of the wind to the take their misfortunes away.

Noelia Solmi Noelia Solmi

Noelia Solmi graduated in 2013 from ENERC cinema school, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works as teacher, editor and collaborates as project counsellor in documentaries since then. Wind and Fright is... more»

Genre: Documentary