Writing with Fire

In one of the most socially oppressive and patriarchal states of India emerges a newspaper run entirely by rural women belonging to the Dalit or ‘untouchable’ community. Meera, its popular political reporter, decides to magnify the local paper’s impact with an audacious move - to transform from print to a digital news agency. Working in media dark villages, mocked and discouraged, this is the story of a visionary woman's feisty spirit in building what will probably be the world’s first digital news agency run entirely by rural Dalit women.

Rintu Thomas Rintu Thomas
Director/ Producer

Rintu is an award-winning filmmaker from India whose short films have been screened at festivals across the world and broadcast on TV networks. Rintu loves bookshops, sea-shores and dogs. WRITING WITH... more»

Sushmit Ghosh Sushmit Ghosh

Sushmit is an award-winning filmmaker-cinematographer who finds inspiration in producing films for social impact. In his spare time, he enjoys running away to the mountains and exploring the Himalayas... more»