2014 Recap

Here's a full wrap-up of #TFIi 2014 via Storify.

2014 Lineup

The lineup for this year's TFI Interactive has been announced. It will take place during the Tribeca Film Festival on April 26 at the IAC Building in NYC (doors open at 9:30am).

Made possible by the support of the Ford Foundation, TFI Interactive assembles the brightest thinkers and innovators from the worlds of media, journalism, gaming and technology for an all-day forum and an “Interactive Playground,” which connects participants with a selection of the speakers’ projects. To attend #TFIi you must be a badge holder for the Tribeca Film Festival, you can also attend by purchasing a Tribeca Innovation Week pass or becoming a TFI Member.

And be sure to join the conversation before, during and after the event by using the hashtag #TFIi.



10:00AM OPENING KEYNOTE: THE AUDIENCE HAS AN AUDIENCE—Kenyatta Cheese, Professional Internet Enthusiast

Kenyatta Cheese kicks off this year’s TFIi with a keynote about audiences. People tweet, share, and re-blog their opinions, hopes, fears and the things they love about a story as it is happening. The audience now has an audience, a group of people gathered around a shared passion who become their own community. This activity is changing the ways that stories are being told. Kenyatta will show us what this means for both creators and audiences.

10:50AM OBJECT NARRATIVES—Alexis Lloyd, Creative Director, The New York Times R&D Lab

As objects become increasingly connected, they become potential conduits for new forms of storytelling and interaction. Alexis Lloyd researches emerging technology and user behaviors, exploring how these trends may affect news information and media. 

11:00AM PHYSICAL COMPUTING AND HUMAN INTERACTION—Tom Igoe, Associate Arts Professor, ITP/Tisch School of the Arts/NYU; Co-Founder, Arduino

Physical computing is about understanding the basics of human interaction to inform how we design the ever expanding digital world we are creating. Tom Igoe explores ways to allow digital technologies to sense and respond to a wider range of human physical expression.

11:20AM Storyscapes in collaboration with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Gin Panel—Moderated by Michelle Byrd, Independent Media Consultant. Panelists: Loc Dao (Circa 1948), Nathan Penlington (Choose Your Own Documentary), Jonathan Minard, James George (Clouds), Matthew Matthew (On a Human Scale) and Nonny de la Peña (Use of Force)

This year’s Storyscapes selection at the Tribeca Film Festival highlights the possibilities of interactive storytelling in the most immersive way possible. Join us for a panel with the creative minds behind the projects.


Charities are working harder than ever to leverage the power of entertainment and technology to drive support for their missions. Learn more about Chideo -- where fans can discover and inspire exclusive content from their favorite personalities, all while making the world a better place.

12:00PM A SYMPLER WAY TO REMIX VIDEO—Ben Jenkins, Co-Founder, Sympler

Sympler, the brainchild of Ben Jenkins and Alex Kane, is a remixing app for video. If you can tap out a beat you can tap out a video. Join us for this live and interactive remix session.

12:15PM LOOK WHO'S WATCHING: WHAT CAN STORYTELLERS LEARN FROM THE PRIVACY DEBATE?—Ben Moskowitz, NYU ITP/Mozilla; Co-Director Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference

Should social issue storytellers embrace techniques pioneered by the advertising industry: quantitative measurement, behavioral profiling, and personalization? Ben Moskowitz argues that adopting some the practices of these “watchers” could actually empower advocates and create a more intimate bond between the storyteller and the audience.

12:30PM DOCUMENTARY, EXPANDING—Wendy Levy, Director, New Arts AXIS

How might a radical approach to storytelling and public art connect audiences to issues they care about?  In this session, Wendy Levy will introduce two new projects where documentary filmmakers and photographers are collaborating to lead a charge for public and digital art interventions that are accountable to social movements, and generate new archives of data and cultural resilience.


PROMISE TRACKER - Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster
American Promise follows two African American boys and their families for 12 years as they navigate the terrain of race, privilege and opportunity at a rigorous New York City private school. To further the work of the film, the team are creating a web series and a goal-setting mobile app called “Promise Tracker.”

CHASING THE SUN - Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons
Suppose we found a lost continent — impossible, but just imagine. An opportunity to do things differently, to do anything but business as usual. What would we do?

This human-moderated digital platform helps a global audience initiate and join direct actions that serve specific activist goals; it also provides training and other resources for carrying out media actions. Effectively, the Action Switchboard invites the film's audience to join in the story of The Yes Men Are Revolting and extend it in new and powerful ways.

1:00-2:00PM LUNCH


This is My Backyard is a multi-platform project, accompanying the film Logs of War, that crowd sources and disseminates information about land and resources in West Africa.

WHO IS DAYANI CRISTAL? - Lina Srivastava
Deep in the scorching Sonoran desert beneath a cicada tree border patrol discovers a decomposing body. Lifting a t-shirt, they expose a tattoo that reads "Dayani Cristal." An anonymous body in the Arizona desert sparks the beginning of a search across a continent  to seek out the people left behind and the meaning of a mysterious tattoo. Who Is Dayani Cristal? is a film and cross-platform exploration of stories underlying poverty, immigration, and the human rights of migrants who make journey across the US-Mexico border.

2:15PM LYKA: THE ADVENTURE—Lance Weiler, Story Architect; Founding Member, Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University

Meet a new generation of creators who are building stories. Join Lance Weiler and his young collaborators for this adventurous session and find out more about Lyka’s Adventure.

2:30PM BETA!: MAKING GAME DESIGN FUN AND ACCESSIBLE—Errol King, Founder & Creative Director, Beta!

Beta! is a game that teaches analytical thinking, game design, and computer programming. Design your own games and free your inner programmer!

2:45PM HOW WE PLAY STORIES—Nick Fortugno, Co-Founder/CCO, Playmatics

Interactive systems make completely different demands on an audience than non-interactive forms, and interactive story is no different.  How can play itself be narrative? What changes when you try to tell a story with a game rather than a film? What techniques from film do we use in games, and what new ideas does interactivity bring to the table?

3:00PM DON'T BUILD AUDIENCES, BUILD COMMUNITY—Andrew DeVigal, Digital Media Innovator & Strategist

Andrew DeVigal explores the use of an innovative digital engagement tool that allows your audience to become participants through facilitated dialogue and collective inquiry. How do you harness the power and creative potential of an active and connected community from the inception to the delivery of your idea?

3:15PM AVATAR SECRETS—Ramona Pringle, Multiplatform Producer/Professor

A sneak preview of a new iPad app and experience that takes you through the transmedia world of Ramona Pringle. Follow her journey from the real world to the virtual one and back again.


Find out what happened at the story hackathon taking place over the two days preceding TFI Interactive and meet the winning project creators. The hackathon is sponsored by AT&T and is part of Tribeca Innovation Week.

3:35PM REAL IS A PLATFORM TOO—Michel Reilhac, Story Architect, MÉLANGE

Real life is a great platform for interactive narrative experiences. Stories are no longer just about screens as people crave real-life authentic experiences. How can we use reality as platform in our interactive storytelling approach?

With the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US

3:55PM INTRODUCING THE DOCUBASE—William Uricchio, Professor of Comparative Media Studies and Principle Investigator of the MIT Open Documentary Lab and the MIT Game Lab

Few things can compete with the emergence of a new media practice for sheer innovation and unpredictability. William Uricchio will present the most recent version of the DocuBase, showing the unruly brilliance of this moment and envisioning the futures of the documentary.

4:05PM STORYTELLING AS INTERFACE—Jason Brush, Executive Creative Director, POSSIBLE

How does interaction design shape narrative experience? As we move from a lean back culture to a lean forward one, what role does the interface play?


Jonathan Harris closes this years TFI Interactive by looking at the disconnect between what we envision technology will do for us, and what it actually ends up doing to our lives.


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