About Tribeca Film Fellows®

Each year, TFI selects twenty NYC youth filmmakers ages 16 - 18 to participate in our Tribeca Film Fellows® program. Programming includes development of a personal creative project, panel discussions, workshops, mentoring by Festival film directors, screenings, and special events.

Through this year-round fellowship, students gain a deeper knowledge of higher education and career opportunities in media through intensive workshops and direct contact with seasoned filmmakers. They become better educated about the independent film community and the role of international film festivals in the industry. Finally, Fellows forge new positive relationships with peers, educators and Festival filmmakers that will assist with their individual, scholastic and career development. Our Fellows continue to receive support after the Festival through one-on-one college and career counseling in the fall.

Mentorship: Each Film Fellow is assigned a mentor throughout the program; meetings are one-on-one and are used to guide the Film Fellows through the film proposal and production process. At the end of the spring academy, film fellows will have a polished idea to pitch to the Youth Achievement Award panel and, more importantly, a wealth of knowledge garnered from their mentor. Thereafter mentors and fellows continue to meet throughout the year.

Filmmaking: The Film Fellows receive one-on-one instruction and mentorship in filmmaking to conceive, pitch, and finally produce an independent film project.

Screenings: Film Fellows each attend numerous screenings during the Festival—including a variety of shorts, narrative or documentary features, homegrown or foreign, all will add to their film knowledge base.

College Prep: Through the summer College Prep Workshops, Film Fellows gain insight, real world skills, and one-on-one assistance in finding and applying to colleges and internships. Additionally, current high school seniors are eligible to receive a stipend to be used towards the cost of college applications.