Rules and Regulations

In order to qualify for the TFI Pond5 Program, entrants must comply with ALL of the following Rules and Eligibility Requirements. Failure to comply with these rules will render a submission ineligible.

In order to qualify for the TFI Pond5 Program, you must be a key team member of a project that has received support through a TFI funded program.

There are NO restrictions in terms of subject matter or genre. Each project is eligible to apply once per cycle.

  • If applying with a previously funded project, TFI requires the most recent version of the script, treatment, proposal, prototype or footage.
  • Eligible projects may be in any stage from early development to distribution and outreach.
  • If you are applying for a travel stipend, please include a description of your travel and how it relates to your project, indicating any potential dates. Please also include how it will advance your project and what impact it will have.
  • Projects intending to be subtitled are eligible, but all submitted materials must be in English. 
  • Examples of asks can include but is not limited to support with interactive websites, stitching for a VR project, outreach, creating workshop around the project, bringing a project to a certain community/class, screenplay readings, film production, key crew attachment, installations, marketing or festival travel. 


There is no entry fee.


Your application must be submitted online, and we encourage you to submit all additional materials digitally. Entries will not be considered complete until all of the materials are received.


If you have questions regarding the entry process, please feel free to contact us directly:  212-274-8080