Tribeca All Access® Celebrates Mandela Day

46664 and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, together with Tribeca Film Institute’s Tribeca All Access (TAA) program selected five TAA alumni to create a short film in honor of Nelson Mandela’s principles and life’s work. The short films all featured a theme or protagonist that demonstrates the idea that an individual can ‘make an imprint’ and change the world around them.

Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks

Rene Rawls* - Writer/Executive Producer
Krystal Cooper - Co-Producer
Shawnee’ and Shawnelle Gibbs - Directors/Producers

In a young African girl’s quest to learn the meaning of the proverb Great Fires Erupt from Tiny Sparks, she seeks guidance from the proverb detective, Sule.

"Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks inspires people to take steps towards helping someone, fighting injustice and/or practicing reconciliation, which in turn influences others and leads to change." – Rene Rawls


David Alexander* - Writer/Director/Producer
UK Film Council Supported Alumnus

A young couple struggle to stop their family from falling apart.

"…I didn’t want to try and make a film that was overtly political. I had to bring the story home [ UK ] and tell it in and through the world around me. ..before long I stumbled onto a quote [from Mandela] that for me summed up the theme I was trying to express in my film Promise. There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children. My film is about the relationships between generations." - David Alexander

Marriage Equality: Byron Rushing and the Fight For Fairness

Thomas Allen Harris* - Director/Executive Producer
Ann Bennett - Producer
Don Perry - Writer/Executive Producer

Byron Rushing, a Civil Rights Movement veteran and Massachusetts State Representative leads the charge to confront his own community of African American clergy who opposes same sex marriage; an emotionally divisive issue now legal in the state Rushing represents.

"I felt that the Marriage Equality movement was a largely white movement that ignored the diversity of queer communities. But as I met and spoke with courageous African American leaders and activists, straight and gay, who I interviewed for the film, I was transformed and, as a filmmaker, saw the urgency of illuminating and highlighting the voices and perspectives of LGBT people of color in this movement for civil rights." - Thomas Allen Harris

La Toma

Paola Mendoza* - Director
Juan Mejia Botero - Producer
Gabriel Noble - Cinematographer/Producer

A communities survival and a woman’s struggle.

"When I arrived in La Toma, I was scared. Scared because I felt how precarious life was there. At any given moment violence could wreak havoc on us all. My fear soon transformed into admiration. Everywhere I turned the people of La Toma refused to live in fear and instead they lived proudly, happily and full of courage. Their bravery was not only contagious but inspiring and I can only hope that the film captures their fire to live." - Paola Mendoza

Gerthy’s Roots

Marty Syjuco* - Producer
Michael Collins* - Director/Producer
Lynn True (Editor)

Gerthy’s Roots is the story of a strong and inspiring Haitian-born woman and her quest to make a difference in her beloved homeland.

"Gerthy’s Roots goes behind the news headlines depicting hopelessness in Haiti to present a humanizing portrait of Haitian youth and their immense courage in the face of adversity." - Marty Syjuco


* Grant Recipient

The films were made possible through an individual grant, and they are part of the international Mandela Day initiative. The initiative celebrates Nelson Mandela’s birthday each year and encourages people to volunteer and become active within their communities.


Karin Chien, Supervising Producer
Tim Massey, 46664 International Director
Tamir Muhammad, Director, Tribeca All Access