For more than a decade, Tribeca has been dedicated to supporting independent voices in storytelling.  As new and unique female perspectives struggle to emerge, partners Tribeca and Chanel identified a growing need to support these creative artists in the filmmaking arena. Through Her Lens: The Tribeca Chanel Women's Filmmaker Program, in collaboration with Pulse Films, is a multi-faceted program that provides funding, meaningful project support, and significant mentorship for up-and-coming US-based female writers and directors.  With guidance from Tribeca Film Institute (TFI), one of the most engaged and respected supporters of women writers and directors in the US, this Program will develop and nurture essential female artistic voices working toward establishing sustainable careers by helping them refine and present their short film concepts to the film industry, and selecting one of their project to fund and see through production. 


2018 Though Her Lens Program

2018 Though Her Lens Program

From October 16 through 18, five filmmaking teams will gather in New York City with the mentor and program advisors for an in-depth, intimate program concentrating on script-to-screen development, casting, securing collaborators, and working with cinematographers, music composers, costume designers, and producers. The selected program participants will attend master classes and individual mentoring sessions with leading women in filmmaking, meet distributors, and spend concentrated time refining their pitching skills. During the summer, each filmmaker was given the opportunity to work with writing mentors to shape and refine her project.

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October 16 through 18
New York City

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