2013 TFI Interactive Lineup Announced

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The lineup for this year's TFI Interactive has been announced. The event will take place Saturday April 20, during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Made possible by the support of the Ford Foundation, TFI Interactive (#TFIi) is in its second year and assembles the brightest thinkers and innovators from the worlds of film, media, gaming, technology and society to explore storytelling in the digital age through an all-day forum. The event will take place from 9:30 am – 5pm at the IAC Building and is open to all TFF badge holders and invited guests. **Not getting a badge to the fest but want to attend TFIi? Sign up for a TFI Membership to gain access. 

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See the complete schedule to the 2013 TFI Interactive day below:


10:00AM KEYNOTE: THE CLOUD FILMMAKING MANIFESTO—Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker and founder of the Webby Awards

Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker, founder of The Webby Awards and recipient of 50 awards including one of Tribeca’s Disruptive Innovation Awards will present a Live “Cloud Filmmaking Manifesto” where she will describe her new participatory way of making films collaboratively with people all over the world.  She has released 3 of these films to date, customized for free for nearly 500 nonprofits worldwide (part of the Cloud Filmmaking concept), and the last one, Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks, was just selected by the US State Department as one of the films to represent America in the 2013-14 American Film Showcase. In this keynote she will share how she makes these films as well as premiere a film on cloud filmmaking.

10:40AM A WISH FOR THE FUTURE—Lance Weiler, filmmaker and innovator

Wish For The Future is a creative platform to empower everyone to shape the world around them and create a better future now. Lance Weiler is known as an interactive media trailblazer and for TFI Interactive will be taking the digital into physical throughout the event with the help of the audience.

Moderated by Jamin Warren, co-founder of Kill Screen; confirmed panelists include Sarah Elmaleh, voiceover artist and actor; Mike Raisler, creative director at Cinereach
; Charles J Pratt, game designer; Rob Dubbin, game designer, writer for The Colbert Report

Think you know everything about narrative? When it comes to gaming you may be surprised. Adventure games are maturing and increasingly seen as a perfect narrative complement to the rich storytelling found on television. Jamin Warren of Kill Screen talks with panelists about the future of gaming and the evolution of narrative.

11:30AM NFB INTERACTIVE SINCE BEAR 71—Loc Dao, head of digital content and strategy for English Programming at the National Film Board of Canada

Loc Dao will take attendees through the projects NFB Interactive has been working on since the smash hit Bear 71. They are about to do it again with Circa 1948 by Stan Douglas, a 3D historical augmented reality app that captures the stories and architecture of a transitional post-war era Canada. Get a sneak peak of this exciting project by a world-renowned artist.

11:50AM STORY+WONDER—Jason Silva, filmmaker and futurist

Called a "Timothy Leary for the Viral Video Age", Jason Silva is known as an innovator and disruptor.  He definitely breaks the traditional media mould with his wide-ranging curiosity and infectious enthusiasm. His non commercial short films have been seen millions of times online and Jason has spoken at TEDGlobal and keynoted events for IBM, INTEL, Microsoft and SXSW.. In this 20 minute inspirational talk he will touch upon some of the highlights of his past work, the pace of technological disruption, and reflect on why telling stories is so important to us. Jason can be seen this April as the host of National Geographic Channel's new series Brain Games.


Localore, an independent producer-driven public media production from AIR, Inc, has birthed a set of inspiring transmedia projects that open our imaginations to the new possibilities of “full spectrum storytelling.” Some of the most meaningful and powerful projects happen on our doorsteps. Discover ten of them.

• AUSTIN MUSIC MAP - Uncovering Austin’s surprisingly diverse sonic subculture in tandem with fans and performers. 

• REINVENTION STORIES - Reinvention offers residents of Dayton a chance to reflect on how they’re remaking their lives and community. 

• PLANET TAKEOUT - Planet Takeout solicits perspectives from both sides of the counter on how Chinese carryouts have become an unlikely crossroads of community.

• HEAR HERE - Hear Here seeks residents’ most resonant place-based stories enabled in art by a custom-built booth inspiring mobile listening and contributions

• BLACK GOLD BOOM - Black Gold Boom traverses the oil rigs, man camps, and crossroads of North Dakota’s oil rush through a series of lively multimedia pieces.

12:40PM A WEB-DOCUMENTARY MANIFESTO—Jesse Shapins, CEO/co-founder of Zeega; James Burns, co-founder of Zeega

Zeega has quickly enabled film makers across the world to create non-linear, online stories without the need for a degree in computer programming. In this 10-minute presentation, Jesse Shapins & James Burns will lay out a collaborative manifesto for web-documentary.


• HOLLOW - Elaine Mcmillion: Like many post-industrial communities across the country, McDowell County, W. Va., is struggling to survive. Through Hollow, the Appalachian community represents themselves and their challenges as they see fit. Hollow combines video portraits, interactive data visualizations, social media and user-generated content delivered on an HTML5 website to support engagement and inspire change.

• QUESTION BRIDGE: BLACK MALES - Hank Willis Thomas: A transmedia art project that seeks to represent and redefine black male identity in America. Through video mediated question and answer exchange facilitated through strategic digital channels, diverse members of this “demographic” bridges economic, political, geographic, and generational divisions.

• IMMIGRANT NATION - Theo Rigby: Nearly every person in the U.S. has an immigration journey — be it their own or the voyage of a relative in the past. As the topic of immigration divides communities across the country, our shared history can create commonality between recent immigrants and those whose families have lived in the U.S. for generations. Immigrant Nation will use documentary film, user-generated storytelling, and data visualization to provide a social space for communities to share and connect with their immigrant histories.

1:00-2:00PM LUNCH - Korilla Food Truck, Waffles and Dinges, Milk Truck


• ALMA - Alexandre Brachet: For five years, Alma has been a member of one of Guatemala's most brutal gangs, the Maras. “Alma, a tale of violence” is a cross-platform project based on her life. In a moving confession, Alma tells her story through a unique interactive web/tablet concept in which the viewer moves between two screen levels, a face-to-face experience and a visual evocation of Alma’s recollections.

• NEW DAY NEW STANDARD - Marisa Jahn: A public art interactive hotline that informs nannies, housekeepers, elder caregivers, and their employers about New York’s landmark Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights, passed in November 2010. Part I features episodes combining equal parts advice and humor; Part II features an expanded storytelling initiative for callers to record and share their own messages.


In 2008 most of our attentions were turned to the impending doom of Wall Street. Caspar Sonnen, however, was out creating the IDFA DocLab and setting forth on a journey that would lead the way for the exhibition of interactive documentary. Caspar will look at the past, present and the future of this work with an unusually broad base of experience to draw from.

2:30PM SHARE THIS, YOUR STORY, BUT SOCIAL—Deanna Zandt, co-founder and partner of Lux Digital

Deanna Zandt, media technologist and author of Share This! How You Will Change the World with Social Networking, will show how social change movements take root through collaborative media and how to harness the power of social.

2:40PM THE AATSINKI SEASON—Jessica Oreck, filmmaker; and Mike Knowlton, co-founder Murmur

Developed during a P.O.V. hackathon this seasonal and episodic online documentary is the companion piece to Aatsinki: The Arctic Cowboys (screening during the Festival). This experiential project lives alongside and supports the feature length documentary.


• ED ZED OMEGA - Asking the question "what does school accomplish?"

• ISEECHANGE - Flipping the scrip on environmental reporting via a participatory hub

• CURIOUS CITY - Inviting locals to pitch in at newsrooms

• SONIC TRACE - A multiplatform documentary on the experience of Latin American immigrants

• MAKING OF - a musical performance from veteran radio producers The Kitchen Sisters

3:20PM KICKSTARTING STORYTELLING—Stephanie Pereira, director of art programs at Kickstarter

Stephanie Pereira is a self-confessed make-it-happen kind of person who will explore how the Kickstarter crowd funding platform can be used as a storytelling tool - it's about the audience as much as it is the money.


Confirmed panelists: Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code), Sonali Sridhar (Hacker School), Amit Pitaru (Kitchen Table Coders), Adnaan Wasey (P.O.V.). Moderator: Julia Kaganskiy (freelance curator and editor). Maker culture is more than knowing how to code, it is about a state of mind - if you can think it you can probably make it. The theory isn't that far removed from that moment where you get the idea for a film, the only difference is the next step. This panel explores rapid prototyping and getting your hands dirty to get something made and into the hands of your audience as quickly as possible.

4:00PM WELCOME TABLE—Joslyn Barnes, producer, Fekkak Mamdouh, co-director, Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) United

WelcomeTable is a multiplatform project including a visual/auditory installation featuring large-scale photography, video portraits and live data to reveal the people behind the kitchen doors in restaurants across America. Joslyn Barnes and Fekkak Mamdouh will take us through all the elements of the project that shows that eating local is only half the battle.

4:10PM CLOUDS—James George and Jonathan Minard, media artists

CLOUDS includes interviews with 30 new media artists, curators, designers, and critics, using a super-exciting new 3D cinema format called RGBD which uses a Kinect to create a videogame-like film environment. The creators of CLOUDS will take about the possibilities for creative code and creative filmmaking using their open-source RGBD Toolkit.


Moderated by Ingrid Kopp, director of digital initiatives at the Tribeca Film Institute; confirmed panelists include Hugues Sweeney (A Journal of Insomnia), Brent Hoff, Alexander Reben (Robots in Residence), Casey Pugh (Star Wars Uncut), Michael Premo (Sandy Storyline) and Chris Milk (The Exquisite Forest). 
Storyscapes is a new section at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2013, in collaboration with Bombay Sapphire, celebrating interactive transmedia projects across genres. The creators will talk about their projects and describe the process of bringing work from the web to an immersive, installation space at a film festival.

4:50PM CLOSING REMARKS—Orlando Bagwell, director of the JustFilms initiative at Ford Foundation