2013 TFI Interactive: Storyscapes - Creating Immersive Story Experiences

Ingrid Kopp, our director of digital initiatives at TFI, moderates this panel that includes the participants of this year's inaugural Storyscapes at the Tribeca Film Festival. This new section of the fest celebrates interactive transmedia projects across genres.

Here Hugues Sweeney (A Journal of Insomnia), Brent Hoff, Alexander Reben (Robots in Residence), Casey Pugh (Star Wars Uncut), Michael Premo (Sandy Storyline) and Chris Milk (The Exquisite Forest) talk about their projects and describe the process of bringing work from the web to an immersive, installation space at a film festival.

TFI Interactive is the all-day event our Digital Initiatives department headed with leadership support from the Ford Foundation during the Tribeca Film Festival that's dedicated to inspire content creators.

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