2013 TFI Interactive: The Aatsinki Season

Following her attention-getting debut documentary Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo, Jessica Oreck has recently set her lens on reindeer herders with the doc Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys (which played at this year's Tribeca Film Festival). But along with that Oreck also created The Aatsinki Season, an online companion to the film that was developed during a P.O.V. hackathon. This episodic online doc takes us deeper into the lives and stories of the characters we find in Oreck's film. Here Oreck and Mike Knowlton, co-founder of Murmur, the company behind the interactive design and programming of the site, talk about the project. So "cowboy up" as Knowlton puts it, and check out this video.

TFI Interactive is the all-day event our Digital Initiatives department headed with leadership support from the Ford Foundation during the Tribeca Film Festival that's dedicated to inspire content creators.

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