2015 TFI Latin America Fund Grantees Announced

The TFI Latin America Fund, presented by Bloomberg, has expanded. In 2015, for the first time ever, we are proud to count narrative features from Latin American filmmakers among our slate of documentary and hybrid works. Ten feature-length projects by storytellers living and working in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America were selected, all of which reflects the many diverse cultures of the filmmakers. The funds received will support the grantees’ projects in advanced development, production or post-production. We will also be collaborating with the Los Cabos Film Festival and Labodigital to provide major post-production support for one participating grantee.

Here are the ten recipients:

  • 1,000 DAYS – Brazil, Documentary: Directed by Giovanna Giovanini & Rodrigo Boecker. 1,000 DAYS tells the story of Susana Schnarndorf, a successful Brazilian triathlete who has been diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease. Through swimming, she returns to the sports world on a 1,000 day’s journey to reach the 2016 Paralympics.
  • AWAY FROM MEANING – Mexico, Documentary: Directed by Olivia Luengas; Produced by Lorena Padilla and Paola Villanueva. AWAY FROM MEANING is about mental illness and its involuntary altered state. Carlos and Liliana live with this stigmatized condition. Through their own language they make sense of their lives while forging a friendship.
  • THE CONFIDANT – Colombia: Directed by Luis Villegas; Produced by Jhonny Hinestroza. THE CONFIDANT is a documentary that analyzes the problem of drug trafficking in Colombia through the experiences of Gustavo Salazar Pineda. Deemed "the attorney of the mafia;" Salazar Pineda is a contradictory, eccentric and polemic man - a paradigm of contemporary Colombian history.
  • THE DARKEST DAYS OF US – Mexico, Narrative: Directed by Astrid Rondero Martínez; Produced by Fernanda Valadez Rodríguez. Ana’s recollection of the day when her sister Julia died is a fragmented and foggy image that has haunted her since childhood. Now, Ana has returned to Tijuana, her hometown, where she has to face the pain and the darkness of her memories.
  • THE DIONTI FAMILY – Brazil, Narrative: Written and Directed by Alan Minas; Executive Produced by Daniela Borba; Co-Produced by Emily Morgan. Set in a magical corner of the Brazilian countryside, Josué struggles to bring up his two sons alone, especially when the youngest son begins to melt away in the throes of his first love.
  • THE FIRE WE WILL BECOME – Nicaragua, Documentary: Directed by Gloria Carrion; Produced by T. Woody Richman and Natalia Hernandez. THE FIRE WE WILL BECOME follows filmmaker Gloria Carrion's family’s silence and how it inspires her search, through a kaleidoscope of memories, to challenge the myth of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua and seek closure from the pain caused by the country's collective amnesia.
  • MUSEO – Mexico, Narrative: Directed by Alonso Ruiz Palacios; Written and Produced by Manuel Alcala. The true story of Carlos Perches and Ramon Sardina, vet-school dropouts who in 1985 committed the biggest heist in Mexican history: the improbable theft of more than 180 jewels from the National Anthropology Museum. 
  • PERFUME DE GARDENIAS - Puerto Rico, Narrative: Written and Directed by Gisela Rosario; Produced by Arleen Cruz-Alicea & Karen Rossi. A dark comedy about two lonely elderly women, Toña and Isabel, who form a surprising bond as they build a new local, and very elaborate, funeral decorating company. As business booms and the women become closer, Isabel learns a dark secret, which could shock the neighborhood and risk their friendship.
  • TO THE AMAZON – Colombia, Documentary: Directed & Produced by Nicolas Van Hemelryck and Claire Weiskopf. TO THE AMAZON is the story of filmmaker Claire Weiskopf's mother - an Englishwoman who, after the tragic death of her eldest daughter - Claire's sister - abandoned everything and went to live in the Amazonian jungle in search of her identity, leaving her past behind. 
  • WITHOUT A COVER ADRIANA – Chile, Documentary: Directed by Lissette Orozco; Produced by Benjamin Band. WITHOUT A COVER ADRIANA uncovers the past actions of filmmaker Lissette Orozco’s aunt Adriana, once a role model in Lissette’s life, who, it  has now been revealed, worked for the Pinochet dictatorship during her youth. With accusations of kidnapping and murder looming over Adriana, Lissette decides to find out how involved her aunt was in the regime – and finally confront her.