Long Flight? TFI Shorts!

Cathay Pacific has acquired nine short documentary films from TFI for in-flight entertainment. The curated series entitled, Migrant Souls: Home and Away, will be available to Cathay Pacific fliers beginning New Year’s Day (January 1st) for six months. As part of the larger TFI ‘IF/Then Shorts Program,’ Migrant Souls: Home and Away explores the unexpected joys and challenges of migrants around the world. These 9 stories, spanning 19 countries, will touch your heart before you even touch the ground.

“TFI’s mission is to support storytellers by breaking barriers in access, exposure, and sustainability,” said Amy Hobby, Executive Director of TFI.  “TFI not only supports storytellers in the filmmaking process but also identifies and assists in securing appropriate distribution platforms to share their work.  TFI believes that short form is one of the most powerful tools to cultivate empathy and connect with audiences across borders and ideologies. This 6-month engagement with Cathay Pacific provides an exciting opportunity to share short form content with people from around the world.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be bringing these moving short films to a new, broad, international audience!

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Here are the 9 short films that you can catch in-flight...

Familiar Tale

Director: Sumie García
At 86, Yukio Saeki runs a photo studio in the Santa Maria neighborhood of Mexico City. He migrated from Japan to Mexico in 1955 as a young man with a passionate love for photography. In this filmic elegy to memory and pictures, Saeki shares his stories.

George and George on the Lake

Director: Piotr Malecki
In Poland, two 83 year-old men, both named George, share a passion for sailing. In this intimate film of friendship and joy, we see what might be their last summer on the lakes together.  

Rebuilding in Miniature

Director: Veena Rao
An Iraqi artist living in Turkey creates detailed miniature scenes of places he has imagined but has never been.

High Chaparral

Director: David Freid
A theme park in Sweden that celebrates America’s mythic Wild West becomes a welcome home for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

We Became Fragments

Directors: Luisa Conlon, Hanna Miller, Lacy Jane Roberts
A Syrian teenager and his father make a new life for themselves in Winnipeg, Canada despite the heartbreak of leaving their home behind.

Renga for The West

Director: ARTS and Renga Media
A deep dive into day jobs, road trips and high school pep-rallies in Montana, USA through the eyes of new refugee arrivals as they show us their trials and tribulations with the American Dream.

Generation One

Director: Sohib Boundaoui
A short documentary that explores the perspectives of the American-born children of Arab Muslim immigrants in Chicago, USA as they try to balance their two identities.

Searching for Wives

Director: Zuki Juno Tobgye
A migrant worker from South India tries to find a wife before his 32nd birthday while working as a lorry driver in Singapore.

Pitching Up

Director: Maurice O'Brien
The majority of children in the local community school of Ballyhaunis, Ireland speak neither English nor Gaelic at home due to waves of inward migration from Pakistani, eastern European and African communities. The local policeman Darran Conlon teaches the younger generation of these immigrants how to play traditional Gaelic games -- both to welcome them to the community but also to ensure that the local club – the lifeblood of the town – can actually have a team.      

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