Meet Our 2016 TAA Alumni Grantees

Here, at Tribeca Film Institute, we pride ourselves on championing emerging filmmakers with unique perspectives and passion to empower their communities. We get doubly excited when we are able to support these filmmakers on more than one occasion!

The Tribeca All Access® Alumni grant continues support of previous Tribeca All Access(TAA) grantees by offering microgrants of up to $10,000 per project each year. Alumni can apply for support in various capacities, from finishing funds for their current TAA-supported project, a new feature-length project, short film, episodic television or web-based project, to outreach and audience engagement, marketing, events, and festival or project-related travel. During the evaluation process, the Artist Programs Department considered the specific needs of each project with the intention that the amount funded would substantially influence the progress of the project.

Congratulations to the six 2016 TAA Alumni grantees (listed below) for their exceptional work! We are so delighted to support you.

THE BIG LEAGUE: Rene Rawls (Writer/Producer and 2006 TAA Grantee), Robert L. Poole (Director), Antonio Lyons (Producer), Cedrick Reynolds (Producer)When a has-been running back attempts to recapture his glory days by coaching a Pee Wee football team, he collides with the league’s exploitative dark side and ultimately decides to give up chasing his past in order to protect his players and their future.

TFI is supporting this project with funds to host a reading of the script.


THE FINAL SHOW: Dana Nachman (Writer/Director and 2012 TAA Grantee) A woman who has lived a long life full of love and loss has to decide, based on all that she has learned, who to take along to eternity.

TFI is supporting this short film with post-production, color and sound funding.


LOSING SIGHT OF SHORE: Sarah Moshman (Director/Producer and 2016 TAA Grantee), Audra and Courtney Smith (Executive Producers) and Peter Saroufim (Editor) LOSING SIGHT OF SHORE is the extraordinary journey of four brave women that set out to row across the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia.

TFI is supporting this project with funds to support Sarah’s press and marketing as the project enters the festival circuit.


MA LIANG’S TIME MACHINE: S. Leo Chiang (Producer and 2007 TAA Grantee), Yang Sun (Director, Cinematographer), Jean Tsien (Editor/Executive Producer), and Nick Fraser (Executive Producer) Two influential Chinese artists--a son and his ailing father--dream up an ambitious, magical theater performance in order to reconcile their rocky relationship before their time together is up. MA LIANG’S TIME MACHINE is a visually sumptuous exploration of memory, aging, and the lasting impact of the Cultural Revolution.

TFI is supporting Leo with funds to continue the production stage of the documentary.


YOU AND ME BOTH: Jennifer Cho Suhr (Writer/Director and 2015 TAA Grantee) and Carolyn Mao (Producer and 2015 TAA Grantee) When two sisters, estranged by the older one's addiction, learn at their mother's funeral that their birth mother is still alive, they go on a journey to find her. 

TFI is supporting this project with funds to hire a casting director.


UNTITLED CRIMINAL JUSTICE PROJECT: Stephen Maing (Director/Producer/Cinematographer and 2009 TAA Grantee) and Ross Tuttle (Producer/Additional Cinematographer) UNTITLED CRIMINAL JUSTICE PROJECT is an in-depth, cinematic look at a flawed criminal justice system and the bold efforts to reform it. 

TFI is supporting Stephen with funds to continue the production stage of the documentary.