Meet Our 2017 TAA Alumni Grantees

When filmmakers become part of the TFI family, we aim to support them throughout their careers. Our Tribeca All Access® Alumni grant program allows us to offer microgrants of up to $5,000 per project each year to filmmakers that we’ve worked with in the past through TAA.

Alumni can apply for funds to help with a variety of needs including finishing funds for their current TAA-supported project or for funds for a new project (feature-length film, short film, episodic television or web-based project). Our Artist Programs Department considered the specific needs of each project with the intention that the amount funded would substantially influence the progress of the project.

Here are the four exceptional projects receiving our 2017 TAA Alumni grants:


THE CURE FOR FEAR (Documentary Series)
Directed by Lana Wilson (2015 TAA grantee for THE DEPARTURE)
Produced by Shrihari Sathe
Cinematography by Emily Topper
A scientist in Amsterdam says she's found the cure for fear. It's as simple as taking a little white pill - and the effects are like a real-life Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind. Testing of the treatment has been wildly successful. From phobias to traumas, a lot of people could have their lives profoundly changed. But what are the moral and ethical ramifications--and is it okay to be erasing human emotions in this way?

THE RASHOMON EFFECT (Documentary Feature)
Directed by Lyric Cabral (2013 TAA grantee for [T]ERROR)
Produced by Jessica Devaney
What happened when unarmed Black teen Michael Brown was fatally shot by White police officer Darren Wilson?

Written and Directed by Dean Colin Marcial (2017 TAA grantee for THE GREEN GUERRILLAS)
On the eve of a massive march for change, a group of student activists plot their own act of defiance.

THE TRANSLATOR (Scripted Feature) 
Written and Directed by Rana Kazkaz (2005 TAA grantee for GIBRAN)
Co-directed and Produced by Anas Khalaf
Produced by Raphaël Alexandre and Nicolas Leprêtre
March 2011. As the Syrian Revolution begins, a political refugee illegally returns to Syria and risks everything to free his brother from the Assad regime.