Meet Our Tribeca Hacks <Story Matter> Participants

From March 15-19 at CERN in Switzerland, 42 participants will be put into seven teams to be part of Tribeca Hacks <Story Matter> and will create works through the elements of science, technology and storytelling. Filmmakers have been paired with scientists, technologists and designers to translate new stories into innovative technologies. These projects will be showcased during the CinéGlobe Film Festival at CERN on March 19 and selected works will also be shown at this year's TFI Interactive during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Here are the diversely skilled folks who will be taking part in our first international Hack.



Ben Segal (Scientist): Ben is a CTO of the Citizen Cyberscience Centre in Geneva, and Honorary CERN staff member.


Rose Meacham (Storyteller): Rose is a creative technologist and a new media artist with a background in neuroscience.


John “Duncan” Graham (Blackbox): Duncan writes code, designs interfaces, loves reading great books, and hopes that combining these activities will help him build the future.


Pietro Gagliano (Designer): Pietro is a creative director and terrible DJ who loves robots.


Thomas Morris (Technologist): Thomas is a freelance web developer, open source advocate, and traveler.



Yewande Pearse (Scientist): Yewande is a final year PhD Neuroscience student based at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, specializing in a pediatric neurodegenerative disease.


Caroline Ward (Storyteller): Caroline is a filmmaker and visual artist currently working as a BBC project manager; she has film, broadcast and interactive experience.


Erinma Ochu (Storyteller): Erinma is a writer and science communicator with film, interactive and science games experience.


Peter Lang (Blackbox): Peter is a composer of opera and frozen music.


Theo Le De Fuentes a.k.a Cosmografik (Designer): Theo is a creative director and game designer based in Paris.


Philippe Riviere (Technologist): Philippe is a journalist. Interested in global health, technology, and maps.


Steven Melendez (Technologist): Steven is an independent journalist and data visualization developer living in Brooklyn.



Kyle Gustafson (Scientist): Kyle is a theoretical physicist from Kansas City and is a student of improv and collaborative theater to tell everybody else stories about scientists and science.


Jason Wishnow (Storyteller): Jason works at the intersection of film and emerging technologies, most notably as the filmmaker behind TEDTalks.


Ivalyo Getov (Blackbox): Ivalyo is a documentary and commercial cinematographer. He spends his time exploring the interaction between art and technology and speaking with small machines in binary code.


Jasmine Idun Lyman (Designer): Jasmine is a lab, game and experience designer, story architect, film director and curator, as well as archaeologist, artist and fire breather, working at the intersection of disciplines to co-create meaningful innovation.


Julian Maciejewski (Technologist): Julian is a student of computer science from Warsaw. He loves science, computer security, and discovering how things work.


Rain Ashford (Technologist): Rain is a PhD researcher, peering at wearable technology and building creations that poke mischievously at body language, the performativity of social interaction and the body’s connection with environments.



Erin Lamb (Scientist): Erin has a MS in chemistry from Caltech and is a chemistry instructor at California State University. She will be studying environmental science at UCSB.


Ana Carolina von Hertwig (Storyteller): Ana is a filmmaker, photographer and new media artist. Her work is focused on hybrid narrative and transmedia storytelling.


Alexander Hermann (Blackbox): Alexander’s passion is to create and think about new approaches and formats of narration and knowledge transfer. He teaches at Filmakademie Ludwigsburg/Department of Interactive Media.


Charles Ayats (Designer): Charles mixes interactive design and game design to tell serious and crazy stories.


Oliver Keller (Technologist): Oliver is finishing  an applied science degree at CERN, worked as an engineer crafting prototypes and is passionate about music, photography and design.


Clay Ewing (Technologist): Clay is a creative technologist, game designer, educator, and big nerd.



Monica Zoppe (Scientist): Monica is a Biologist since 1987, founder and present director of Scientific Visualization Unit of CNR, Pisa, Italy.


Eric Drier (Storyteller): Eric has studied international relations and political science in Paris, dabbled in journalism and advertising before joining Upian where he has been in charge of contents and concepts for several years.


Mark Melnykowycz (Blackbox): Mark is an artist-engineer based near Zurich, Switzerland. He is focused on combining technology and storytelling together in innovative ways and combining engineering and user experience together with wearable computing products.


Sebastian Brothier (Designer): Sebastian is a creative director at, making websites for digital medias and online storytelling for more than 10 years. He’s created webdocumentaries such as Alma and Prison Valley.


Paulo Martins (Technologist): Paulo is a scientist without a degree, an image maker who wears glasses and a specialized all-rounder who hacks the missing dots whenever needed.


Ben Collins (Technologist): Ben is a web designer for the University of Michigan College of Engineering. His work encompasses all aspects of the design process.



Sachiko Hirosoue (Scientist): Sachiko is a specialized scientist in nanosized drug carriers and immunoengineering, spends her days between the observation and transgression of scientific boundaries and the passionate pursuit of great visual design and vintage culture.


Luc Walpoth (Storyteller): Luc is a Swiss filmmaker, producer, director and cinematographer, developing character based eclectic stories.


Laurent Kempf (Blackbox): Laurent is a Swiss/French filmmaker and interaction designer living in Lausanne, Switzerland. He loves speculative fiction, films and games.


Natalia Lazarashvili (Designer): Natalia is a originally from Tbilisi/Georgia, and has since relocated to Berlin, Germany. She is a former poster designer, currently studying all design disciplines.


Basile Simon (Technologist): Basile is a hacker, photojournalist who loves data, fancy viz, and French wines.


Minn Soe (Technologist): Minn is a developer at CERN and a Computer Science student at King's College London. He likes to build and break things to discover cool ways to interact with the web and society.



Nadja Oertelt (Scientist): Nadja is a scientist, digital producer and documentary filmmaker who likes to brings art into quantitative spaces.


Julia Stein a.k.a. JULIACKS (Storyteller): Julia is a transmedia artist, director, writer, producer and event designer creating narrative universes using the mediums of filmmaking, multi-media performance installations, comics and theatre in North America and Europe.


Adria Le Boeuf (Blackbox): Adria is a neuroscientist and runs an improvisation-based theater group for scientists to help breakdown stereotypes, improve public-speaking skills, and broaden creative expression.


Laura Bortoloni (Designer): Laura is from Rovigo, Italy and is trained as a designer for visual communications and illustrations. She also runs a small multidisciplinary studio.


Mike Robbins (Technologist): Mike is a creative technologist and partner at interactive studio Helios Design Labs. He studied visual arts at York University in Toronto.


Joao Antunes Pequenao (Technologist): Joao is the chief troublemaker at the CERN Media Lab. He has a background in physics and directs a planetarium show and builds interactive applications for science education.