Reframe Spotlight: ‘Behind The Labels’

Before gaining attention in the documentary world for her Oscar nominated film Trouble The Water with partner Carl Deal (as well as co-producing numerous Michael Moore films, including Fahrenheit 9/11), Tia Lessin made the captivating Behind The Labels: Garment Workers on U.S. Saipan, which looks at the thousands of Chinese and Filipino women who are lured by false promises to pay high fees for jobs in garment factories on the Pacific Island of Saipan, which despite being a U.S. territory is exempt from federal minimum wage and certain immigration laws.

The clothing sewed there bear the label "Made in the USA," however they are shipped duty-free and quota-free to the U.S. for sale by The Gap, J.Crew, Polo, and other retailers.

Powerful hidden camera footage, along with the garment workers' personal stories, offer a rare and unforgettable glimpse into indentured labor and the workings of global sweatshops, where 14-hour shifts, payless paydays, and lock-downs are routine.

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