Rooftop Films Announces 2015 Program

The Wolfpack has been liberated from the confines of cinemas and will screen outdoors this summer, courtesy of the 19th iteration of Rooftop Films Annual Summer Series. Crystal Moselle's fascinating doc follows a band of cinephile brothers who cope with their isolation in the New York City projects by making intricate, shot for shot remakes of their favorite movies.

The Wolfpack, a TFI Doc Fund 2014 grantee, debuted at Sundance and just finished a succesful run at the Tribeca Film Festival. It'll be in theaters this summer courtesy of Magnolia, but if you missed it at TFF we can't think of a better inroduction to the Angulo brothers than viewing the film on a rooftop in New York admist a typically sterling slate of great indie films.

You can check out the full Rooftop schedule here. Tickets go on sale May 5th.