TFI LIVE Podcast, Episode #3

In this episode we talk to the directors of a TFI-supported film that will be seen next at the New York Film Festival, get some insight on how a couple who work in the industry juggle their careers and parenting, and check in on our inaugural winner of the TFI/ESPN Prize.

We're happy to say Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson's American Promise has been in the TFI family for some time. They were Tribeca All Access® grantees in 2009, then Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund recipients in 2011 and currently are part of this year's TFI New Media Fund crop. So it was fun to sit and talk to them about their probing film which is an over decade-long look at two friends and their families during their careers as students in New York City (the filmmakers' son being one of them). The film will screen next at the New York Film Festival and be in theaters on Oct. 18.

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On the subject of schools, with the school year back in session we started talking in the office about the challenges of building a career in the arts while also having children. It's something many of us do but most are just figuring it out as they go along. So we thought we'd talk to a couple who have been juggling making films and being parents for years. Here Killer Films co-founder Pamela Koffler and her husband director/cinematographer Russell Lee Fine discuss how they make it work (21:42).

For our last segment we chat with the winner of last year's TFI/ESPN Prize, Chapman Way, whose film The Battered Bastards of Baseball is nearing completion (37:28). The film chronicles the independent baseball team the Portland Mavericks which had everything from a soon-to-be movie star in the front office to the creator of a chewing gum sitting in the bullpen. Along with telling us some of the film's highlights, he also gives some advice on how to submit to the prize, which is currently open for submissions until Nov 5.

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Host: Jason Guerrasio, TFI Web Editor
Along with creating the web content for TFI, Jason also writes regularly about movies and the film industry for numerous publications including Vanity Fair, Indiewire and Previously he was the managing editor of Filmmaker Magazine.

Technician: Gavin Mevius
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