Tribeca Film Institute Announces Six More Doc Projects for TFI Network Market

In addition to the projects already announced in relation to our Tribeca All Access and TFI Latin America Fund, TFI is proud to announce that we will be hosting six more exciting documentary projects to participate in TFI Network, our filmmaker/industry market, during next week’s Tribeca Film Festival. These six films, all of which are in early stages of pre-production, are all unique and fascinatingly unconventional approaches to nonfiction storytelling from some of the most dynamic nonfiction filmmakers working today, including Robert Greene, director of last year’s Actress, and TFI alum Matt Wolf (Teenage, 2011 TFI Doc Fund).

Subjects range from the first recorded on-air suicide, to the creation of a utopian society in 1980s Oregon, to a colorful arts festival sprung from the mind of Talking Heads’ David Byrne. The filmmakers will be taking meetings with industry on Tuesday, April 21st and Wednesday, April 22nd.

Below is a rundown of the invited projects:

The Amichai Film Project, directed by Sandi Dubowski

The film follows the thirteen-year evolution of Amichai Lau-Lavie from drag queen to rabbinical student to spiritual innovator. Part of his family’s thirty-seventh generation of rabbis, he shows how religion can be a force for human rights. In production.

Contemporary Color, directed by Bill Ross and Turner Ross, produced by David Byrne. Michael Gottwald, Dan Janvey, Josh Penn, and LeAnn Rossi.

Contemporary Color celebrates the unsung world of high school color guard. During a school year, we follow ten elite teams paired with ten world-class musicians as they prepare for and perform at an unprecedented one-night-only performance. In production.

Kate Plays Christine, directed by Robert Greene, produced by Susan Bedusa and Douglas Tirola.

Kate Plays Christine tells the fateful story of Christine Chubbuck, a Sarasota newscaster who committed suicide on-air in 1974, by following an actor tasked with portraying her. Chubbuck’s tragic demise inspired the film Network. In development.

The Marion Stokes Project, directed by Matt Wolf, produced by Kyle Martin.

Radical Communist, counter-cultural television producer, Apple shareholder, and private archivist Marion Stokes captured three decades of television on her VCR. Her expansive project tore her family apart, but it’s now being digitized by the Internet Archive. In development.

Untitled: Iceland Invisible Worlds Documentary, directed and produced by Sara Dosa.

Through one family’s story, Untitled: Iceland Invisible Worlds Documentary is an unexpected environmental tale about invisible elves, global capitalism and the pursuit of myth in Iceland as the country reckons with the greatest financial collapse in economic history. In production.

Wild Wild Country, directed by Maclain Way and Chapman Way, produced by Juliana Lembi.

In 1981 an Indian guru and his followers journey west to Oregon and build a world-class utopian city.  Conflict erupts with local ranchers and state authorities, as both sides are pushed down paths neither thought imaginable. In development.