‘The Imitation Game’ Scores Golden Globe Nominations

The 72nd Golden Globe nominations  were announced bright and early this morning and the team behind TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund-supported The Imitation Game received a wake-up call they were hoping for.

The film received a nomination in the Best Motion Picture Drama category alongside Boyhood, Foxcatcher, Selma and The Theory of Everything.

And it also received nominations for its actors: Benedict Cumberbatch in the Best Actor - Drama category and Keira Knightley for Best Supporting Actress. As well as a best score nod for Alexandre Desplat.

The film, which is part bio pic part thriller, looks at the life of mathematician Alan Turing whose creation of a sophisticted computer breaks the Nazi's Enigma code and helps win World War II for the allies.

We had a chance to chat with the screenwriter of The Imitation Game, Graham Moore, on TFI LIVE. Listen here to get some insight on his journey to get the story to the screen.

The Globes will air on NBC Sunday, January 11.