Two Projects Win Indiewire’s Project of the Year

Following another fantastic year giving consultation to the winners of Indiewire's Project of the Month, we are happy to announce the winners of this year's Indiewire Project of the Year.

That's right, WINNERS. Following their voting, Indiewire informed us that there was a tie for first place. So we will be welcoming both Jason Merrin's Sleepwalkers and Juan Carlos Piñeiro Escoriaza's Know How to our Industry Meetings during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Last year, the inaugural winner of Project of the Year was Dear White People, which went on to gain a lot of buzz at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Here's a bit more about both projects:

Sleepwalkers: Ben is a "Sleepwalker" -- a secret alternate personality that takes over every night when his "Awake" self goes to sleep. Whereas "Awake Ben" is resigned to a life of monotony, "Asleep Ben" is determined to make the most of every night with his other "Sleepwalker" friends. But the lives of both Bens become complicated when Sleeping Ben falls for Allison, an "Awake" waitress at an all night diner, and the lines between their two worlds -- previously so distinct -- begin to blur.

Know How: Know How is not a documentary nor is it fiction. It’s a new hybrid approach for using film to create social change. Instead of professional screenwriters and actors, these stories are written and performed by a cast of ordinary foster care youth, and their performances are powerful, moving, and eye-opening. "Know How" is a musical that brings authentic voices and unseen stories to the screen. It's a bit of a cross between The Wire and Glee, but not really. And it really aims at driving social change.

Congats to the winners. We'll see ya at the fest!