We’re Bringing the Competition to East Doc Platform

Six projects focusing on Central and Eastern Europe have been selected to enter the IF/Then pitch competition at East Doc Platform in Prague on Wednesday, March 7th, 2018. The winner will be announced that evening at the Guest Meet Guests cocktail at 7 PM. In addition, all projects will take meetings at the East Doc Market in collaboration with Institute of Documentary Film and One World International Human Rights Film Festival. 

The six projects are:

Directors: Zoe Eluned Aiano and Anna Benner, Producers: Linda Dedkova and Martin Hulovec 
Nurses and Nazis, syphilis and seduction: an experimental short doc delves into a scandalous urban legent from WW II Czechoslovakia, with an aim to explore how these stories evolve and affect our unconscious perceptions.

Directors: Katarzyna Hertz and Jan Szewczyk 
The autistic teenage boy Dan, who lives in the heart of the last primeval forests in Europe, learns how to express himself through the language of film by telling the story of his exceptional bond with wild nature.

The Death of Mister X
Director: Artem Ryzhykov, Producer: Ram Devineni
A magical realistic story about my best friend and Ukrainian opera singer, Igor Martak, who was murdered along with his pregnant wife by his Russian neighbor in a remote village in Latvia.

George and George on the Lake
Director/Producer: Piotr Malecki 
The carefree holidays of two old men become a struggle with weakness and aging.

The Heavenly Eye
Director: Nadia Parfan, Producer Illia Gladshtein 
Nobody wants to go to the war, everybody wants to knows what it looks like. A young woman uses modern technology to see things that human eyes never could. Is it possible to stop the war by changing the point of view?

No Body
Directors: Mihnea - Rareș Hanțiu and Bahar Shoghi, Producer: Dan Nuțu
A body has been swept away by a river. A father searches in hope of finding some peace.