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‘Beta’ at 2014 TFI Interactive

Free your inner programmer.

‘Promise Tracker’ at 2014 TFI Interactive

Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster present the multimedia platform for their film “American Promise.”

Real Is A Platform Too: Michel Reilhac at 2014 TFI Interactive

Getting that real-life experience out of our content.

Look Who’s Watching: Ben Moskowitz at 2014 TFI Interactive

Would the tactics of the “watchers” benefit our work?

The Limits of Technology: Jonathan Harris at 2014 TFI Interactive

What we expect technology to do for us, and what it really ends up doing.

Documentary, Expanding: Wendy Levy at 2014 TFI Interactive

How a new way of doing public art will connect audiences to issues they care about.

The Audience Has An Audience: Kenyatta Cheese at 2014 TFI Interactive

How community building is changing everything.

2013 TFI Interactive: Storyscapes - Creating Immersive Story Experiences

Revisit the projects from TFF's inaugural program focused on transmedia.

2013 TFI Interactive: Glue It. Code It. Tweak It. Play It.

How can you get your work to audiences quickly? This panel explains.

2013 TFI Interactive: Localore Projects (Pt. 2)

More transmedia projects from this public media production.