Future Weather

When she's abandoned by her flaky single mom, a 13-yr-old loner becomes obsessed with global warming, forcing her and her grandmother to confront each other and the things they can't control.

Adolescence & Coming of Age, Environment, Health and Food, Family, Technology & The Future, Women’s Rights & Empowerment

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About the Film

Abandoned by her dreamer single mom, a teenage loner becomes obsessed with ecological disaster, forcing her and her grandmother, a functioning alcoholic, to rethink their futures. Inspired by a New Yorker article on global warming, Future Weather uses the refuge of science and the environment as a backdrop to examine the intertwining lives of three generations of women. Starring Lili Taylor, Amy Madigan and Perla Haney-Jardine, this film received support from the Tribeca Film Institute’s TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Film In Context

Future Weather is a film about changes, both in the lives of the characters portrayed and in the environment they inhabit. The personal changes affecting Lauduree, the protagonist, are mirrored in the environmental changes she is studying and ultimately trying to prevent through her research. Science plays an important role in the film as do the themes of environmental conservation and our personal interactions with nature.