Angela ChengAngela Cheng

Angela Cheng is a New York-based writer and filmmaker who spent her childhood performing Chinese stand up comedy in Houston, Texas. The jokes weren't funny but the Chinese immigrant audience was kind to her nonetheless. Since then, she's traded the stage for making movies detailing the hopes, neuroses, and misadventures of Asian-Americans in the United States. Her short films have shown at South by Southwest, Newfest, Outfest, and Los Angeles International Film Festival. 


Professionally, Angela has directs the stage for TED Talks, featuring brilliant speakers with “Ideas Worth Spreading.” She is currently the Creative Director of Format Development at TED, experimenting with and launching new forms of storytelling. She and her team are the creative force behind the popular online shows Small Thing Big Idea and DIY Neuroscience. She is also part of the editorial team behind WorkLife with Adam Grant, a podcast about how to make work not suck.

Lucky Grandma

AT&T Presents: Untold Stories | 2018