Ingrid IsenseeIngrid Isensee

Chilean actress who´s worked in movies, theater and TV. Her performances include movies like  “El Bosque de Karadima” (2015), “La Voz en Off” (2014), “Joven y Alocada” (2012) y “Baby Shower” (2010). On Television she has worked in “Prat” (C13), “Montecristo” (Mega), “Mein Herz in Chile” (for German TV) and "Bala Loca" (NETFLIX), among many other projects. Since 2005 she is a voice over artist for Films, tv and radio. In 2013, she co-directed “El Puente”, her first short film. “Felisa and I” is her first documentary film. In 2016 she created and starred in “El cuerpo de mi padre”, her directorial debut in the theater alongside Pablo Paredes.

Felisa Y Yo

TFI Latin America Fund | 2018