Jaehee ChoJaehee Cho

Jaehee Cho, a film school graduate from Seoul Institute of the Arts, worked in music video production before coming to Carnegie Mellon University for graduate school. While in his graduate studies with CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center, he worked with the emerging platform of VR, creating VR films Imago (2015) and the interactive VR Film Injustice (2015). His VR work was showcased and recognized at Tribeca Immersive 2016, SIGGRAPH 2016, CHI Play 2016 and Games for Change 2016. He will present his VR work with Stitchbridge VR this August at SIGGRAPH 2018 Educator’s Forum, presenting the VR piece Journey through the Camps, a VR experience about the Holocaust made for Carnegie Mellon University. His previous work also includes working for Universal Creative on their media team in Orlando, FL.


TFI Interactive | 2019
TFI Network | 2019