Nevo ShinaarNevo Shinaar

TFI/ESPN Short Documentary Program

Born and raised in northern Israel, Nevo is a recent graduate of Northwestern University's Documentary Media MFA program. His main area of interest is fostering a deeper understanding of the communication process, both on the interpersonal and the societal levels; promoting an enhanced understanding of differences in perspectives and motives. As part of this commitment, Nevo has spent two years working and living in Nepal specializing in media and community building and is currently part of Free Spirit Media, a Chicago-based organization which promotes media literacy amongst young adults in Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods.

On the Bit

IF/Then Short Documentary Program | 2017 (Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival)
TFI/ESPN Short Documentary Program | 2016

Stay Close

IF/Then Short Documentary Program | 2018
TFI/ESPN Short Documentary Program | 2016