Ose OyamedanOse Oyamedan

Tribeca All Access® | 2006

Ose Oyamendan holds an MFA degree in film/television production from the University of Southern California. He was born in Africa and moved to Los Angeles after a stint as a journalist for reputable media organizations in Europe, Africa, and the United States, to realize his ambition of becoming a filmmaker.

At USC, he applied the skills he had acquired as an award-winning journalist to learning the basics of screenwriting and filmmaking. While there, he wrote, produced, edited, and directed over fifteen short films. His graduate thesis film, A Final Wish, had considerable success on the film festival circuit, garnering acclaim and playing in over thirty festivals around the world.

Since graduating from USC, Ose has written three screenplays, produced a television pilot and worked in all aspects of filmmaking. He is currently looking to direct his screenplay, Dead End, a previous finalist for the Sundance filmmaker’s lab.


Tribeca All Access® | 2006