Tomás YovaneTomás Yovane

Born in Santiago de Chile, Tomás Yovane studied cinema at the Chilean Film School from 2005 to 2009. Yovane then moved to Argentina to study Photography Direction at the National School of Film Experimentation and Production (ENERC). He has worked on various film projects as Director and Director of Photography, in fiction feature films, video clips and documentaries.

Yovane’s cinematography credits include THE MARRIED MONK (France, 2008), MT2 (Chile, 2008), MAP TO TALK (Chile, 2010), WILKA SAPA (Chile, 2010), EN RESA TILL VÄRLDENS ÄNDE (Sweden, 2010), DAILY RADIOGRAPHS (Chile, 2012), NO FOURTH WALL - 36 PLOT´S KERMESSE (Germany, 2012), CALEIDOSCOPIO (Chile, 2013), and GRINGO ROJO (Chile, 2015). He is the director of photography on three projects currently in development: TAHITI NUIL (Chile), LA DIOSA (Chile), and HENRI: THE LAST PIRATE (Chile).

HENRI: The Last Pirate

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