Armonia - an orchestra given wings.


Armonia takes the ride of the emotionally dynamic piano concerto "Armonia Degli Uccelli (Harmony of the Birds)," and marries it to a universally accessible animation, to produce a uniquely layered spectacle of spatial storytelling.

Status: Development

Budget: 300K 

Bracey Smith Bracey Smith

Bracey is the chief creative developer at Potential Synergy, a VR and future tech startup based in NY.  He's a creative generalist who loves to play at every end of the immersive media... more»

Anja Moreno-Smith Anja Moreno-Smith

Anja is a writer/producer and Potential Synergy's creative operations officer. She brought a little bit of her own magic and organization to Armonia's development and... more»

Daniel Coletta Daniel Coletta
Sound Engineer

With an advanced skill set in audio engineering, video production, and project management, Dan has positioned himself to be a triple-threat in the digital media industry.... more»

Jacques Lalo Jacques Lalo
3D Designer/Modeler

Jacques is a seasoned digital designer for brands and VR/AR experiences. He is currently the lead designer at Nova XR Media. ​

Genre: Interactive