Art and Craft

Following a prolific (and still-active) art forger who donates his work to museums instead of selling it, Art and Craft uncovers a curious story of obsession and understanding at the intersection of art, philanthropy and mental health.

Sam Cullman Sam Cullman

Sam Cullman co-directed, shot and produced the Oscar-nominated documentary, If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front (2011). More recently, Cullman was a producer and DP on the Sundance... more»

Jennifer Grausman Jennifer Grausman

A graduate of the MFA film program at Columbia University, Jennifer Grausman directed and produced the Emmy-nominated documentary, Pressure Cooker (Participant Media, 2008). Grausman also co-produced... more»

Mark Becker Mark Becker

Mark Becker produced, directed and edited the Independent Spirit-nominated documentary Romantico, and directed and edited the Emmy-nominated film Pressure Cooker. He has edited several documentaries... more»

“Exploring the rich complexity and humanity in its competing perspectives and storylines, Art and Craft invites audiences to engage—without judgment—in questions of morality, originality, altruism, and mental health.”

Genre: Documentary