TFI Network | 2017

A social media experiment involving the altercation of two controversial Filipino actors goes viral and exposes the festering wound of Filipino institutions and society—from media and social media, entertainment, business, and politics.

Manuel Mesina III Manuel Mesina III

Mesina is a prolific and award-winning theatre actor and director. He is currently the artistic director of the University of the Philippines Repertory Company. Beastmode is his film directorial... more»

Mixkaela Villalon Mixkaela Villalon

Villalon is a writer of short stories, plays, and screenplays. Her work has been produced and aired for local television and online, published in several literary anthologies, and staged locally as... more»

Vanessa Amante Vanessa Amante

Amante is the managing producer of Gaia Media, a production service provider based in the Philippines. She has worked as a location producer for a handful of foreign documentaries, and has produced... more»

Genre: Documentary