Black Mothers

BLACK MOTHERS follows the journey of two women working to disrupt the cycle of racist violence within our country's injustice system. As one mother navigates the aftermath of her son’s attack by local police, the other channels her grief into organizing other mothers to fight for—and win—concrete change and justice.

Débora Souza Silva Débora Souza Silva
Director, Producer

Débora's work is founded upon examining systemic racism and inequality, while also highlighting the resilience of impacted communities. She is a recipient of the Garrett Scott Documentary... more»

David Felix Sutcliffe David Felix Sutcliffe

David’s work as a consulting producer for QUEST (Sundance, 2017) and CRIME+PUNISHMENT (Sundance, 2018) demonstrates his strong commitment to racial justice. His feature-length film, (T)ERROR... more»

Sabrina Schmidt Gordon Sabrina Schmidt Gordon

Sabrina is the Co-Director, Producer and Editor of BADDDD SONIA SANCHEZ, and a Co-Producer and Editor of DOCUMENTED, the story of Pulitzer Prize-winning undocumented journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas.... more»

Additional Credits

Contessa Gayles (Director of Photography)
Adina Luo (Associate Producer)
Jean-Philippe Boucicaut (Consulting Editor)
Niema Jordan (Engagement/ Consulting Producer)

Photo credit: Débora Souza Silva

Genre: Documentary