Braving the Waves

TFI Network | 2016

Roghieh, a woman in Southern Iran, is trying to secure jobs for over 800 women in her community through a Bazaar she established and runs, but she continues to receive threats from the mayor. He wants to destroy the Bazaar and build a big shopping mall. 

Mina Keshavarz Mina Keshavarz
Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Documentary filmmaker Mina Keshavarz was born in Iran in 1984. Mina found Mindoc Film production in Tehran 2013. Her films have been shown and awarded at film festivals around the world - IDFA,... more»

Amin Behroozzadeh Amin Behroozzadeh

Born in 1978. Amin began his artistic work as musician and then he began to work in Film industry as a Cinematographer. He is currently working with MinDoc Film Production as cameraman for documentary... more»

Veronique Lagoarde-Segot Veronique Lagoarde-Segot

Véronique Lagoarde-Ségot graduated in 1994 from the Film School of Biarritz with a major in editing. She specializes in historical and political documentary, and has edited over sixty... more»

Additional Credits

Amboltaudio (Sound design and mix)

Christian Falch (Norwegian Co-producer)

Sylvie Brenet (French Co-producer)

As a woman, we don’t have equal rights in Iran, but it doesn’t mean that we are passive women. Roghieh is one of many Iranian women who is fighting to prove herself as a businesswoman.

Genre: Documentary