Check It

Check It is about a gay African-American gang struggling to survive in one of Washington D.C.’s roughest neighborhoods through an unlikely avenue: fashion.

Dana Flor Dana Flor

Dana Flor is a documentary director and producer based in Washington D.C. Her titles include The Nine Lives of Marion Barry, Emmy-winning Latinos in Beisbol and Emmy-nominated Cesar Chavez.

Toby Oppenheimer Toby Oppenheimer

Toby Oppenheimer is a documentary director, producer, and cinematographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His titles include the The Nine Lives of Marion Barry, Devil’s Playground and MSNBC Films'... more»

Additional Credits

Wren Arthur

Executive Producer
Steve Buscemi

Executive Producer
Stanley Tucci

“Being gay and poor in violent African-American neighborhoods nationwide carries a dangerous stigma. When the Check It stand up for who they are, it’s more than an issue of gay pride – it’s putting their lives at risk. We fiercely believe that the hidden world of the Check It - and the complex issues the gang wrestles with - needs widespread illumination."

Genre: Documentary