Crystal Swan

TFI Network | 2018

In 1990s Belarus, a wanderlust young DJ is derailed by a typo in a forged US Visa application, forcing her to a backwater factory town where she is determined to fake her way to the American dream.

Darya Zhuk Darya Zhuk
Director, Co-Screenwriter

Darya Zhuk left Minsk, Belarus at the age of 16 to study in the US. Six years later with a cum lade B.A. degree from Harvard University, Darya Zhuk started creating both narrative and documentary... more»

Debbie Vandermeulen Debbie Vandermeulen

Debbie Vandermeulen, founder of Fusion Features, has successfully helped filmmakers turn their ideas into profitable cinematic entertainment.  Debbie is adept in ensuring the bottom... more»

Birgit Gernböck Birgit Gernböck

Gernböck is currently traveling the festival circuit with Darya Zhuk's feature film CRYSTAL SWAN, shot on location in Minsk, Belarus in collaboration with Vice Media and supported by the... more»

Helga Landauer Olshvang Helga Landauer Olshvang

Helga Landauer Olshvang was born in Moscow, where she graduated from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. She wrote numerous screenplays for feature, animation and documentary films, and worked at... more»

Additional Credits

Carolina Costa (Cinematographer)

Photo Credit: Ihar Chyschenia

Genre: Scripted, Drama