La Hija de Todas Las Rabias

Nine-year-old María is left at a recycling factory in Nicaragua by her struggling mother, joining a workforce of other children. Torn between anger and hope, María resorts to her vivid imagination in order to come to terms with her motherʼs absence and make sense of a chaotic world.

Laura Baumeister Laura Baumeister
Director, Screenwriter

Laura Baumeister is a Nicaraguan film director and sociologist. She currently lives in México, where she studied film directing at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC).... more»

Rossana Baumeister Rossana Baumeister

Rossana Baumeister (1985) is a Nicaraguan producer. She holds a Marketing and Advertising degree from American University, a Production Design degree from INDUSTRIA School, and participated in theatre... more»

Bruna Haddad Bruna Haddad

Bruna Haddad is a Brazilian producer and journalist, and an executive producer at Felipa Films. Haddad lives in Mexico City, where she graduated from the Centro de Capacitación... more»

Additional Credits

Martha Orozco (Producer, Mexico)
Christine Anderton (Co-Producer, Netherlands - Halal)
Bettina Brokemper (Co-Producer, Germany - Heimatfilm)
Samuel Chauvin (Co-Producer, France - Promenades)
Teresa Kuhn (Director of Photography)

Genre: Scripted, Realism, Drama