Declare Home

Don’t wait for the official declaration of “disaster”: Declare Home now. A mobile rapid response online civic groupware app for community organizers & resilience workers responding to public health disasters unfolding in slow motion, everyday.

Judith Helfand Judith Helfand
Director, Producer

Judith is a Peabody Award-winning  filmmaker, educator and field-builder, known for taking cynical worlds of heedless corporate behavior and toxic chemical exposure and making them personal,... more»

Daniel Latorre Daniel Latorre
App Producer, Product Lead

Daniel is the founder of The Wise City, a digital civic impact strategy practice, Senior Fellow for Digital Placemaking at Project for Public Spaces and co-foundeder of 2 Occupy Wall Street Affinity... more»

Fenell Doremus Fenell Doremus

Fenell is a producer of social issue documentaries. Film history includes assistant editing on Hoop Dreams, co-producing The New Americans and 5 Girls for PBS’ Independent Lens and currently... more»

"My ongoing cinematic question: how to collapse the future into the present – be it toxic chemical exposure or short-sighted disaster politics -- and make it urgent enough to address now?"

Genre: Interactive