Aaron, an aspiring musical theater performer, gets a survival job as an instructor at a high-end spin studio in Hell’s Kitchen. As his magnetic and demanding boss pulls him deep into the worlds of cult fitness and gay nightlife, he struggles with his own self-worth and loses sight of his Broadway dreams.

Tyler Rabinowitz Tyler Rabinowitz
Director, Screenwriter

Tyler Rabinowitz is a writer-director-producer with a mission to redefine LGBTQ+ representation on screen.  As a writer/director, he is currently developing two narrative features: YOU CANNOT... more»

Jeremy Truong Jeremy Truong

Jeremy Truong is a San Francisco transplant working as an LGBT film producer in New York. Attracted to films with powerful themes, Jeremy's artistic style is very true to life and focuses on... more»

Genre: Scripted, LGBTQ+, Coming-of-Age, Drama